When the aging process robs a family member of his or her mind, Summit Hospice offers experienced and knowledgeable home care and support for those who have dementia. One of the most difficult parts of caring for someone who has dementia is the investment of time often required of a family member to ensure the relative’s comfort and safety. Family can become overwhelmed when they must take care of someone with dementia while also taking care of job duties and additional family members.

Not only is caring for a family member who has dementia a stressful experience for the caregiver, but the family member may also experience disorientation and fear when someone isn’t around. It’s common for dementia patients to experience sadness and depression, as well as anxiety that may cause them to withdraw from friends and family. An isolated life is a lonely life, and Summit Hospice can help ensure your family member’s daily life isn’t one of loneliness and isolation.

Dementia Care at Summit Hospice

A diagnosis of dementia is traumatic for the patient, as well as anyone who knows and loves the person. It’s difficult to know which steps to take after such a life-changing diagnosis, and the caring staff of Summit Hospice can help guide the way when it comes to a uniquely crafted plan of care. Dementia isn’t a static disease and updates and changes to the schedule of care may be required.

Dementia may begin with a person’s inability to remember people and memories, and it may progress to the point where completing simple, daily tasks is difficult or impossible. One of the benefits of working with the professionals at Summit Hospice is our experience in all stages of dementia care. We can make changes as needed as the disease progresses to keep a patient as comfortable and safe as possible throughout the initial stages of care and into palliative care.

The Benefit of Experienced Dementia Care

No one who ages experiences life in quite the same way, but one of the universally beneficial facets of getting older is having someone nearby who cares about our wellbeing. When a debilitating disease or affliction like dementia is involved, the importance of personalized and knowledgeable health care increases exponentially as the disease progresses.

Here are some of the ways our dementia care team can benefit you and your family with our dementia home health care services.

  1. Specialized care ensures the family can focus on one another’s company rather than the worry about what might happen to a family member as he or she ages.
  2. Dementia care improves the quality-of-life of the patient, as well as everyone connected to him or her who might otherwise experience high stress from full-time care.
  3. Home care for dementia ensures a person can safely remain in their home where his or her level of happiness will probably be the greatest, particularly when the family is near.
  4. Assistance for dementia ensures a patient can retain his or her dignity even when basic life skills and daily needs become very difficult or impossible to accomplish without help.

Talk to Us About Dementia Care from Summit Hospice

Our number-one priority is providing experienced and specialized care for you or your loved ones at any stage of the journey through dementia. We offer the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who collaborate on a plan for compassionate home care. We know the decision to trust someone with the care of your loved one isn’t something to be taken lightly, and we’re here to discuss your options for dementia care. Contact us for more information on how we can help you or your loved one live life to the fullest.