Home Health Care
November 21st, 2016
by Summit Hospice

The holidays are special for everyone and hold many cherished traditions and memories within families. We pass these traditions down to our children and then to our grand children. For many older individuals, the holidays are particularly important as it’s the one time in the year that everyone is together.┬áIf your loved one is receiving in-home care this holiday season, there are a few ways you can make it extra special for them.

Include Your Loved One in Activities

This seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many times family members that are receiving hospice care feel left out of the festivities. If you’re decorating the tree, make sure to at least have them in the same room as the tree trimming is going on. If that isn’t possible bring the tree to them and decorate it wherever they are and then move it to a different room if needed. Decorating a tree is something most people look forward to every year and you don’t want your loved one to miss out on it.

Allow Home Care Professionals to Offer Suggestionsmaking your loved ones last christmas special

Family members want to do all they can to make their loved one feel important and included. However, there are certain activities that they may not be able to do. Allow your home care provider to give suggestions and alternatives to the things you wanted to do with or for your family member. They’re expertise in hospice care at home will give you the information you need to choose festive holiday events that everyone can participate in, including your loved one.

Reminisce With Your Family

Aging family members will love getting old photos out of shoe boxes to share with younger generations. You can get really nostalgic and use a slide projector to project slides onto a blank wall to enjoy with your family. Older people will love being able to talk about a funny memory associated with the slide. If you have old home videos, covert them to DVDs or digital files to watch during the evening. Old photos can stir up memories that you thought were long gone.

Listen to Their Favorite Music

Music and sound have an amazing connection with memory and mood. Similar to photos, an old song can stir memories that your loved one had long since forgotten. Choose classic Christmas music from voices that your loved one will recognize like Frank Sinatra or Andy Williams.

Let Summit Hospice Help Care for Your Loved One

Our compassionate caregivers will be able to help give your family member the care and love they deserve. Hospice care is a very difficult thing to think about during the holidays, but we would love nothing more than the opportunity to make your loved one’s holiday season enjoyable. Give us a call to learn more about what we do!