One of the options available through the in home care services of Summit Hospice is pain and symptom management, which is a type of health care that treats pain associated with terminal illness. Home health care that focuses on reducing the physical and mental impact of symptoms increases the comfort and day-to-day life of your loved one.

Pain and symptom management covers not only the physical pain that may come with illness but also the emotional and spiritual difficulties that may accompany the experience. We know that each person who experiences a life-limiting illness will need a care plan that’s tailored to their symptoms, illness, and temperament. Our home healthcare professionals offer skilled and caring pain and symptom management.

Pain and Symptom Management at Summit Hospice

Pain and symptom management, or palliative care, requires a different strategy than those used to treat a disease where the patient is expected to eventually recover or survive. Care focuses not on the illness itself but rather on the symptoms the illness causes the patient to experience.

Here are some of the types of treatments we can offer through our in home care services.

General symptom relief. Some illnesses make it hard to breathe, and others may cause a patient to suffer from nausea. There are many discomforting symptoms that can make it difficult to live each day, but these side-effects of illness or pain medication need not control a person’s life. There are treatments available to ensure the comfort of the patient at any point in his or her illness.

Pain relief. Treating pain associated with illness often requires medication, but someone who is suffering from a terminal illness may require pain medication in high doses to combat extreme pain. Our health care team helps create the most appropriate pain relief schedule for the patient while monitoring the patient to ensure those medications are successful.

Emotional & spiritual support. The emotional trauma a patient may experience during a terminal illness can feel as devastating as the physical symptoms of the disease. We know that comprehensive pain and symptom management includes emotional support, as well as spiritual support when needed.

Day-to-day assistance. The diagnosis of a terminal illness doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is bedbound immediately upon receiving the news. Assistance with daily living can help an individual remain in his or her home for as long as possible, even if immediate family members cannot take off time from work to assist.

Meet with Us About Pain and Symptom Management

The day you arrive at the decision to seek out in home care services is a daunting one, and you may realize a lot of decisions are ahead of you. It’s essential to begin searching for assistance through home health care before the time comes when you really need it. We know it’s not an easy conversation to have, but we’re here at any time to talk about in home care services for a family member, a loved one, or yourself.

We’re here to ensure your loved one remains as comfortable as possible no matter the type of illness or advanced stage of his or her health. We know it’s important to make a careful choice when you choose your in home care services, and we’re here to answer any questions you have about our home health care services, as well as how we can help your loved one manage his or her pain. Contact us today for more information!