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January 30th, 2017
by Summit Hospice

The way a person feels about aging can have a direct impact on his or her lifespan and quality of life, and receiving help from a home care aide can have a positive impact on the aging process via age-positivity activities and conversations.

Studies have shown that positivity on the subject of aging was responsible for longer lifespans versus individuals who thought poorly or negatively about the aging process. The number of years a person could add to their lifespan through positivity was actually higher than the number of years granted through regular physical exercise.

Positive Thinking Impacts Everyone

Age-related infirmities and difficulties can make it difficult for the average senior to feel positive about his life and future. Worry, stress, and fear may seem like simple emotions, but they can get in the way of enjoying experiences like grand-parenting, retirement, and socialization with friends.

One of the benefits of having a home health aide assist is the focus on positivity from the home care attendant during each visit. Not only can the aide assist with day-to-day needs like cooking, cleaning, and self-care, but the visits can also include positive discussions about life and aging.

One of the most significant factors that can reduce a person’s enjoyment of life is a lonely existence. As lifelong friends begin to pass away and family members grow apart or move away, a home health aide could be the only person an individual sees on a regular basis.

According to a study and article published with the Industrial Psychiatry Journal, older adults in the author’s study often preferred socializing and remaining engaged in an active lifestyle:

“Most of the elderly people were found to be average in the dimension of sociability and preferred remaining engaged in social interactions.”

An elderly person’s health isn’t a measure solely based upon whether he or she has an illness or gets sick frequently. Rather, modern scientists point toward a variety of factors as a measure of overall health. Socializing and promoting age-positivity are an essential part of ensuring an individual’s continued good health.

In Home Supportive Services

An elderly individual who needs home health care assistance or has graduated to a need for palliative care may experience increased stress when family members must provide care in addition to other responsibilities, such as full-time jobs. Not only can in home supportive services improve the health and positive outlook of the person receiving care, but the extended family may also benefit from the visits.

Consider an individual who needs help bathing and dressing each day. While these tasks are something that a family member can perform, having to rely on a younger family member for daily needs may increase the stress experienced by the family member and create stress within the family unit that can have an unfortunate impact on the health of the entire family.

Sometimes, it’s just the briefest visit that can have a dramatic and positive impact on a person’s end-of-life experience, as well as the experience of his or her family members.

Home Health Care from Summit Hospice

The aging process is something everyone will experience to some degree, and those of us who live into our seventies, eighties, and beyond may require assistance to remain in the home. From simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, and self-care to essential, daily needs like medication and visits from medical professionals, home care from Summit Hospice ensures you or a loved one can remain safe at home for as long as possible.