When you or a loved one requires hospice care, you have choices in the way that you choose to meet this challenge. Summit Hospice provides a wealth of services designed to promote well-being even in the face of life-limiting illness. We’re a compassionate and experienced team of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing the best hospice and palliative care in Paris, Texas.

Our Hospice Services

We offer a full range of specialized healthcare services from pain management to spiritual and emotional support. We know that each patient who comes to us for help has a different story to tell, and we work to ensure we offer the best combination of services whether you require traditional hospice health care, or you decide that in-home care is the route you wish to take.

Pain and Symptom Management – Using the hospice formulary, we work to gain control over symptoms and ensure pain relief through medication.

Spiritual and Emotional Support – Our nurses, social workers, and chaplain provide the spiritual and emotional support that may aid in pain relief and symptom control.

Home Medical Equipment & Related Medications – When dealing with a terminal diagnosis, we design a plan that includes equipment, medical supplies, and medications.

What is Hospice Care?

An individual may seek out hospice care after receiving a terminal diagnosis and reaching a point where daily life has become painful and difficult. A hospice care healthcare worker will focus on providing a patient with the comfort he or she needs to experience the best quality of life despite the diagnosis or advanced stage of a disease.

Hospice care not only provides support for the person who is sick, but it also helps family members and friends come to terms with the diagnosis and the physical and mental trauma that may occur. Hospice care features a plan for pain and symptom management that helps the patient live without pain and enjoy the time he or she has left.

Are you considering hospice care for yourself or a loved one? Here are some facts about hospice care that may help you make the decision.

Hospice care may extend life: Scientists have studied the impact of hospice care on the average patient and have seen that people who receive hospice care have the ability to live longer than others in similar circumstances who do not receive hospice care.

Hospice care doesn’t refer to a place: You or a loved one may receive hospice care at home or at a facility. The concept of hospice care isn’t that it’s a place but that it’s a type of care designed to improve the end-of-life experience.

Many medical plans cover hospice: Medicare, Medicaid, and many insurance plans offer coverage for hospice care. Additionally, cost isn’t the most important factor when considering whether hospice care is the right choice for you or a loved one.

Hospice care helps family members, too: Hospice care not only provides medical and emotional support for the patient, but it also offers help to family members during this difficult experience.

Patients in hospice may keep their doctor: You may have a close relationship with your current doctor, and hospice care doesn’t mean you have to change healthcare providers. You may still receive care from your referring physician while receiving hospice care with Summit Hospice.

Hospice Care from Summit Hospice

Do you have questions about hospice care? Would you like to know how the caring professionals of Summit Hospice can design a hospice care plan that may allow you or a loved one to remain at home? Contact us today, and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your options and how hospice care may provide the medical support and mental health assistance you or a loved one needs during a difficult time.