One of the options available to you or your loved one as you plan for hospice services is in-home hospice care, which is available from the healthcare professionals of Summit Hospice in Paris, Texas. From caring professionals who provide skilled nursing services, to the uplifting impact of counseling and spiritual support, we offer a full range of in-home care options.

Ensure you or your loved one can enjoy each day at home, surrounded by loved ones or family, after the diagnosis of a terminal condition or disease. Not sure if in-home care or hospice care in a facility is the best choice? Read on to learn more about the in-home care services we offer.

In-Home Hospice Care at Summit Hospice

The first thing you might imagine when you think about hospice care is a quiet, calm room in a facility for hospice or palliative care. The services provided at a hospice facility are also available to a patient who has decided to remain at home for the foreseeable future.

Summit Hospice provides skilled nursing for our in-home patients, counseling support from caring mental health professionals, and spiritual guidance through our healthcare professionals and chaplain. Although Summit Hospice does not provide 24 hour nursing care but we do support the family in being caregivers.

We know each patient who comes to us for help has a different story and has lived a life of unique experiences. Therefore, each plan we create for in-home care is unique and seeks to help the patient transition to hospice care and experience time with as little pain and stress as possible.

The Benefit of In-Home Hospice Care

You may already have experience with hospitals and doctors if you or a loved one has received a terminal diagnosis. For most people, spending one’s last days or months at home is a much better option than moving into a facility. Although it’s possible to receive expert and fulfilling care within a facility, remaining at home for one’s last weeks or months of life is a comforting thought to consider.

Here are some of the reasons hospice care and care within the home may provide the best end-of-life experience.

  • Hospice care not only provides medical support, but it’s also meant to assist with mental health through emotional and spiritual support.
  • Hospice care can prove helpful whether a patient has just a few weeks remaining or is destined to live for six months or more.
  • Hospice care isn’t just for elderly individuals and is appropriate for all patients at any age and who have experienced any type of terminal illness or injury.
  • Hospice care may be the best option for a person who wishes to remain in his or her home for the time that he or she has left.
  • Hospice care in the home can help a patient remain close to his or her family for as long as possible without the interruption of a final hospital or nursing facility stay.
  • Hospice care provides support for family and friends through bereavement and grief services to help everyone in the family adjust to the loss of a loved one.

Planning In-Home Hospice Care

If you’re looking into the future for hospice care, there are many decisions ahead of you regarding the type of care that will serve you or your loved one best. We know the decision to seek out hospice care is life-changing, and we’re here to help you begin the journey toward a comfortable and caring hospice experience.

Trust the health and welfare of your loved one to our healthcare professionals, or make the choice for yourself to receive hospice care. Our dedication to providing in-home care to our hospice patients has given us the knowledge and experience needed to offer the best hospice care in the home to the patients in and around Paris, Texas. For more information, contact Summit Hospice today!