Hospice And Palliative Care Services
February 8th, 2017
by Summit Hospice

For anyone who is caring for someone in hospice or palliative care, showing how much you love them can be difficult when you’re exhausted and so are they. You spend all of your time keeping them comfortable and making sure they’re taking the medicines they should be. With Valentine’s Day coming up, many people not only celebrate with their significant other but also express their love and appreciation for other loved ones. If you often feel like you could be doing more to show you care, here are a few simple ways to do that.

Decorate Their Room

If someone is stuck in their room all day or not able to get around much, a great way to brighten their space and show you love them is by doing a little decorating for Valentine’s Day. Craft stores and major retailers sell tons of Valentine’s decor at reasonable prices. To go the extra mile, cut out 14 hearts and write one thing you appreciate or love about your loved one on each heart. Place them on their door or somewhere they can see them. In-home care patients will love knowing how much you care.

Keep With Tradition

Sometimes the best way to do things is the old way of doing things. For your loved one in hospice care, celebrate Valentine’s Day by buying them a bouquet of flowers, a sweet card, and a box of chocolates (providing their doctor permits it.) If they’ve always loved this tradition when they were in good health, they’ll likely still enjoy it now. Gestures like these can mean the world to loved ones who are sick. A day all about love should be spent showing everyone who means something to you how important they are.

Do Something They Enjoy

Just because someone is sick doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy life anymore. Your loved one would appreciate you taking time out of your day to do an activity with them that they love. Things like baking or playing a board game and even going for a simple drive in the car can mean a lot and break up the boredom of everyday life. Ask your in-home care specialist what is feasible for your relative to do and see if they have any suggestions.

Give Them the Help They Need

If your loved one doesn’t already receive professional care from a specialist, then this Valentine’s Day give the gift of personalized care. Our licensed professionals will attend to your loved one’s every need and develop a care plan that fits with their lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more!